High quality, multigrade semi-synthetic engine oil based on VHVI technology. Recommended for all passenger cars and light trucks with petrol engines, also in gas (CNG/LPG) engines equipped with an emission control system.

For all passenger cars and light trucks with gasoline engines, also in gas (CNG/LPG) engines equipped with an exhaust emission control system.
  • New technology maintains engine performance and responsiveness;
  • Protects against the formation of soot.
  • Special molecules are attracted to the parts and protect it from damage;
  • Special technology improves the performance of the motor, accelerates the reaction to pressing the pedal;
  • Retains soot, reduces oil thickening;
  • Exceeds motor protection test standards.
Storage All packages must be stored under a canopy. If outdoor storage is unavoidable, drums should be laid horizontally to prevent rainwater from getting inside and washing the markings off the drums. Products should not be stored at temperatures above 40 oC, exposed to direct sunlight or freezing.



Метод измерения Единица измерения Значение
Плотность при 20 ˚С ASTM D-1217, ASTM D-1298 г/мл 0,868
Кинематическая вязкость при 40˚C ASTM D-445-06 мм2 110,42
Кинематическая вязкость при  100 ˚C ASTM D-445-06 мм2 15,48
Индекс вязкости ASTM D-2270 148
Температура застывания ASTM D-97/ DIN EN ISO 3016 °C - 32
Общее щелочное число ASTM D-4739 мгКОН/г 8,0
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