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The production and supply of motor oils to the market in Uzbekistan is carried out by many companies whose products vary significantly in terms of quality and reliability. In order to supply motor oils to the Uzbek market, which meets all the requirements of the world standard in terms of technology and quality, a joint venture JV "Winiron Oil Industry" LLC was created together with South Korean specialists. In 2017, Winiron Oil Industry JV LLC introduced its first product under the WINIRON brand to the market, the technology of which was developed by South Korean specialists.

The production facility is located in the capital of Uzbekistan, in the city of Tashkent, in the industrial zone of S. Rakhimov, at a distance of 7 km from the center of Tashkent and covers an area of 17,000 m2. The production facility has its own railway line, which allows you to quickly unload the oil product in tanks (volume 1,000,000 liters). The production facility for the production of motor oils meets all the requirements of the world standard, where all conditions are created for the production of high quality lubricants and motor oils that meet the requirements of the world standard, primarily API and ACEA.

Currently, the company's production facility employs more than 220 highly qualified specialists.

Taking into account the demand and demand for high-quality lubricants and motor oils in the Uzbek market and in international markets, the company increases the production volume of the manufactured product to 44,676,000 liters per year. Currently, more than 200 highly qualified specialists work at the company's production facility.

Winiron engine oil is available in 3 main component categories (mineral, semi-synthetic, synthetic). The production capacity of Winiron Oil Industry JV LLC allows maintaining high quality of engine oils for 3 (three) categories of vehicles (cars, commercial, industrial) and has more than 200 product names.

In order to ensure the quality of the manufactured goods, a certified laboratory operates on the territory of the production facility of the company, which employs highly qualified laboratory chemists. All raw materials first pass the laboratory analysis and then run on the production line. The finished product is also sent for laboratory analysis and, according to the conclusion of the laboratory analysis, is allowed for bottling in canisters. All laboratory samples and data are archived until the end of the product.

Thanks to high-quality high-grade base oils from Korea, Russia and China, a well-balanced composition and optimally adjusted additives from Europe, tested in our own laboratory, Winiron motor oils will help increase the engine's trouble-free operation, due to high-quality lubrication, it reliably protects parts from premature wear.


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The plant has its own modernized workshop for the production of plastic products with the latest IML labeling technology. IML is In-mold labeling, IML, "label in the form", "EVF", "decoration in the form", "in-mould label" - injection molding technology carried out on an injection molding machine with high-speed label placement between molding cycles using a robot. By blowing technology, airtight containers (canisters) with a volume of 1, 4, 5, 20 and 25 liters are produced. Each container (canister) undergoes a control check for the degree of quality. Own production of plastic containers, provided a reduction in the cost of production.

In addition to the production of WINIRON motor oils, the company produces oil and air filters under the Wulsgen Filters brand. The range of produced filters is large and at the moment filters are produced for all models of UzGM cars, for trucks such as: MAN, HOWO, Isuzu, Hyundai and KIA.

As a result of strict control of all cycles of the production process, the product is of high quality and with good technical performance.

The company has its branches in 12 cities of the Republic, thanks to which the supply of motor oil acquires a wide coverage, allowing us to strengthen our customer base both due to the quality of the finished product, and the speed and timeliness of delivery. In addition, the company has 15 outlets and warehouses in the Republic. A delivery service has been organized and there are 30 trucks.

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