Engine Oil

Engine oil is a type of oil used for reciprocating and rotating internal combustion engines to cool and reduce friction between moving parts.

Transmission Oil

Transmission oil is an issue that is used for lubrication of gearboxes, steering mechanisms, and all types of gears (reductors).

Hydraulic Oils

Hydraulic oil is based on mineral oil. Examples of equipment that can use hydraulic fluids are excavators and forklifts, hydraulic brakes, systems, elevators, and industrial equipment.

Compressor Oils

Compressor oil for high-pressure reciprocating compressors used in severe environments.

Reducer Oils

Reductor Oil is an extreme pressure industrial oil. Its paraffinic character of thebase oil guarantees a high resistance against oxidation or ageing and a splendid course of the viscosity/temperature curve.

Motor flush

Motor Flush is used to neutralize deposits and contaminants in the engine. It is used to clean engine parts from oil and deposits. Provides flushing of the oil system, valves, oil pump filter.

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