HYDROL 46 HL Hydrol HL-46

This hydraulic oil works at all temperatures and gives excellent operational results. Characteristics: wear resistance, lubricity, film strength, exceptional thermal and hydrolytic stability. Service life exceeds standards by 2.5 times.

The balanced additive system does not contain zinc, calcium or silicon. Applicable for: high pressure hydraulic systems, pumps, servo systems, circulation systems, compressors of various types and other
  • long-term operation of equipment;
  • reduction of deposit formation;
  • extra long oil drain interval;
  • fast water separability;
  • excellent filterability in the presence of moisture;
  • minimal risk of environmental impact;
  • protection of metal parts in water;
  • low risk of cavitation;
  • low filter usage with pore sizes of 2-3 microns;
  • the ability to prevent harmful deposits and filter clogging;
  • ashless composition;
  • thermal and hydrolytic stability;
  • excellent water separation;
  • excellent filterability;
  • quickly releases air without forming a lot of foam;
  • excellent protection against corrosion;
  • additives without zinc.
This hydraulic oil reliably protects the equipment for a long period of operation. It also increases the resource of the equipment. Servo motors and control valves operate without sticking. Forms a low level of deposits. The oils are drained at long intervals. The filter works even in the presence of water. Specifications: ISO 15380 HEES
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Плотность при 20 ˚С ASTM D-1217, ASTM D-1298



Кинематическая вязкость при 40˚C ASTM D-445-06



Кинематическая вязкость при 100 ˚C ASTM D-445-06



Индекс вязкости ASTM D-2270


Температура вспқшки, определяемая в открытом тигле ASTM D-92-18



Температура застывания ASTM D-97/ DIN EN ISO 3016


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