Engine oil Winiron Super Diesel 15W40 - Mineral all-weather oil for diesel trucks and heavy equipment of various types of equipment of various types with supercharging or strongly supercharging operating with small and large loads. Also recommended for end-of-life engines under hot operating conditions

For end-of-life engines under hot operating conditions
Advantages: — Compatible with all types of seals; - Has excellent washing and anti-corrosion characteristics; — High level at high temperatures; — Optimal for most popular diesel engines.
Наименование     показателя Метод измерения Единица измерения Значение
Плотность при 20 ˚С ASTM D-1217, ASTM D-1298 г/мл 0,875
Кинематическая вязкость при 40˚C ASTM D-445-06 мм2 124,61
Кинематическая вязкость при  100 ˚C ASTM D-445-06 мм2 16,04
Индекс вязкости ASTM D-2270 137
Температура застывания ASTM D-97/ DIN EN ISO 3016 °C - 31
Общее щелочное число ASTM D-4739 мгКОН/г 8,4
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