Mineral all-weather oil for diesel trucks and heavy equipment of various types operating with light and heavy loads. Also recommended for end-of-life engines under hot operating conditions.

The oil can be used for the following trips: city driving, freeway driving, or other long driving. Season of use: any. Usage time: long.
  • Improves anti-friction properties.
  • Reliably lubricates and keeps the engine clean during any operation.
  • Protects against wear.
  • Thermal and oxidative stability.
Наименование     показателя Метод измерения Единица измерения Значение
Плотность при 20 ˚С ASTM D-1217, ASTM D-1298 г/мл 0,884
Кинематическая вязкость при 40˚C ASTM D-445-06 мм2 162,89
Кинематическая вязкость при  100 ˚C ASTM D-445-06 мм2 16,0
Индекс вязкости ASTM D-2270 134
Температура застывания ASTM D-97/ DIN EN ISO 3016 °C - 23
Общее щелочное число ASTM D-4739 мгКОН/г 8,6
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