The main criteria for motor oils for passenger cars.

Choosing an oil base Despite the fact that the recommendations do not always regulate the choice of a specific oil base, you should pay attention to this parameter. There are three options:
  • Synthetic oil - is of high quality and increased durability, but it is often more expensive than others.
  • Mineral - a suitable choice for older power units with significant waste.
  • Semi-synthetic oil is a mixture of mineral and synthetic bases, almost always in the middle price range.
Engine oil selection algorithm To make the choice of engine oil as correct as possible, you can adhere to the following algorithm:
  • Find out the degree of wear of the power unit.
  • Find out the operating class (this information should be indicated in the vehicle manual).
  • Find out which engine oil your car manufacturer recommends.
  • Determine the type of oil base.
  • Select a specific engine oil manufacturer.
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